Qamar Zaman SEO Predictions for Law Firms

Curated from Bruce Clay and Rand Fishkin

Qamar Zaman a Dallas SEO Explains and discusses predictions about Search Engine Optimization for this year 2015 that will change how lawyer sites are ranked.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) constantly has changes and updates due to its adaptation with the different search engine site’s algorithm especially in Google. That is why a lot of businessmen including lawyers strive to be updated on the latest trends and effective techniques of SEO so as to be able to compete and be ahead of their other business and lawyer competitors. This year, 2015, SEO continually evolves and modifies its factors governing internet marketing in general.

A lot of predictions of these SEO changes for the year 2015 have been discussed by a lot of Search Engine Optimization Professionals and Engineers. Some may have varied and different ideas of this SEO evolution. It is important that lawyers have an idea regarding this matter so that they can be able to effectively think of SEO strategies and techniques on how they can effectively market their own law firm. So I decided to make my own predictions regarding this matter.

For this year, the user satisfaction brought about by mobile results will greatly exceed those other technical factors surrounding SEO. Google now issues warnings to all the webmasters who owns a website that has mobile errors. It is said that another algorithm will be launched that will focus on mobile ranking. Lawyers are advised to give emphasis in providing a good user experience not just in websites but also in mobile version accessibility since 99% of the population now has each of their own mobile gadgets they can use anytime and anywhere, and majority of people now search for lawyers and legal services through their mobiles and gadgets rather than surfing through the web using computers or even searching for it on newspapers and magazines.

Google will now show results on its first page, those sites which have the answers that are more specific and more focused to the user’s questions. Also, the results will include lawyer sites which cover more in depth, more complete and detailed topics that are more in demand by searchers. So if you own a lawyer site, you need to write unique and worth reading blogs that have a comprehensive and thorough content which includes answers to common questions mostly asked by a lot of searchers who are looking for a lawyer and those who are in need of legal services.

Search engine sites especially Google will still continue to focus on local results for all searches made as well as getting rid of spam sites. Lawyer sites which do not follow the guidelines will still be penalized and would suffer same consequences. So it is also very important that lawyers update their knowledge regarding the guidelines of search engine sites like Bing and Google so that they will have an idea on the things that they might be penalized for especially if these sites have added another rule in their guidelines.

Another prediction about SEO changes is the additional factor that will control and govern lawyer site’s ranking which is having an on-page video. Videos can deliver many words to your potential clients compared to having your message written in your blog. Your viewers won’t necessarily need to do a lot of scrolling to be able to read your message and having these videos will promote less clutter on your lawyer site as well. With the growing mobile bandwidth, users will now be able to easily access and view these videos. That is why Google is now considering on-page video is one factor of ranking a lawyer site.

These are just some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) predictions that will change how lawyer sites will be ranked in search engine sites especially Google.

Sources and some curated content from Top Industry sources.

Qamar Zaman
Chief Visionary at One SEO Company. An Internet Entrepreneur SEO & lawyer Internet marketing professional & Starbucks Lover.

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